Our eponymous first program is: LifeKit! We started LifeKit in 2015 and have been handing them out since then! LifeKits are survival packs that hold all the essentials (and some not so essential treats!) that help a human live with dignity and hopefully spark some joy while living on the streets. What is in a LifeKit you might ask? Our LifeKits are customized based on where they are distributed and by which community partner. They can be canvas totes full of hygiene items, food and water, they could be smaller hygiene kits in gallon sized plastic bags with covid-related hygiene items such as masks and hand sanitizer and smaller snacks. They can vary depending on season and location. 

We do try to ensure that every kit has our top requested items – including wet wipes, toilet paper, socks, first aid items, and trash bags.