Become A Community Partner

LifeKit is looking forward to partnering with you! While LifeKit does not accept orders to supply and distribute kits to the public, we do partner with dedicated organizations that are vetted to make sure are in alignment with our mission, and look to pursue long term partnerships in order to better serve our communities. This process typically entails a strategic plan, including assessing the community and its needs, creating a budget, and the requisite plan to properly fund a sustainable program. 

Who we are: LifeKit is 501c3 non-profit. We seek to provide dignity to individuals by providing them with the essentials they need, where they need them. Our goal is to promote strength as a community, build trust and relationships, and give people the hope and courage to overcome difficult circumstances. Our symbol is the wheel, and we hope that when people see it they are reminded that we are all interconnected in our human experience. 

How it works: LifeKit seeks to establish a long-term relationship with partner organizations. What that means is that we work together to establish a team to coordinate budget, supplies, logistics, and outreach for the long term. The runway for getting our project up and going can be anywhere from 3 to 6 months. However once we have all of our planning in place, we can move forward to consistently be there for our community in a meaningful way, by providing them what they need and want where they are at. 

We are interested in partnering! What do we need to do? To get started, we would like to learn more about you! Please fill out the information below to better help us understand your organization: